Update Version 0.1.6: Hard mode added!

Version 0.1.6 available today. Hard mode has been added!

Ghosts can go through walls now, and invisibility is much more stable. The ghost has now become a much bigger threat, at least in my opinion. My least favorite character before today was the skeleton, but now it's the ghost. Why?

A. They can shoot you,

B. They can go through walls, and you can't

C. They f***ing fast yo!

Acid bubbles have also been added, touching them will hurt you! If on hard mode they will also poison you.

Traps such as spikes, and arrow shooters have also been added.

Hard mode is really the new black, if you enjoy old school games, just enable hard mode the second you get the chance.

Updates forecast for version 0.1.X:

7: Quality of life improvements. We will add an alternate attack projectile, relics, and invulnerability frames.

8: Curse update: RNG will be added to the rest button, a curse fog will follow you, and a quick start button will be added to the main menu

9: New Character coming, aswell as showing the player's physical state above the players (ie. Cursed, poisoned, broken weapon, etc..).


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Jul 12, 2019

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