MAJOR Updates to version 0.1.3!

This update has a huge amount of stuff! We've added; an intro and credits screen, we've moved the health bars to above the players, tweaked the character balance, added a debug key, added a ghost "Boo!" attack, and fixed loads of bugs!

The art assets have been updated slightly from their originals, providing a more final look at the art style (Not to say that things won't still be changing).

I've also updated the launcher to work better on modern systems, I noticed a 38 second load time before the game would launch, that has been reduced to 0.23 seconds. The launcher has also been optimized for a cleaner user experience. 

If you notice anything such as bugs or the launcher being slow let me know! I'm always ready to listen!

So that's what we've done, here's what's to come (release date TBD on all of the below):

Version 0.1.4: The game will be getting a map screen as of this coming version.

Version  0.1.5:  After that we'll be focusing on adding resolution options and a full screen toggle.

Version  0.1.6:  And finally you will be able to beat the game and unlock hard mode where there will be more traps, and pickups will be unlocked.

Within all of these updates we also plan to punch out some of those bugs you've so kindly let us know about. So get HYPED! The release date is just 4 more months away!

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