Version 0.6 First update since game jam! Possible sequel in works...

Most of these were planned during the game jam, a few more that were planned will be coming soon. Here's a list of what's changed.

  • Fixed doors not working after about 40 floors
  • Fixed civilians doing that creepy thing where they hover about a pixel above the ground
  • Fixed red screen fading you into the game. (Yes that was a bug)
  • Fixed lightning striking the same place 100+ times
  • Fixed rain stopping off the left side of the building
  • Added wall to right side of map so you can't walk off unintentionally
  • Fire escape doors no longer sit on the ground, they are now part of the back ground as the rest of the hall way is
  • Improved performance in several places
  • Windows now appear at random, instead of all floors and always on the left.
  • Made a better sprite for the windows.

A sequel is planned, however only because I wish to keep the original game in tact. I don't want to mess with the simplicity of it too much. It likely won't be a continuation of the story, probably just the same story told with a little more time spent to tell it. It would be nice if we could do it in 3D. I'm not so sure how much time I want to spend on a sequel, or if I really want to make one at all. Let me know if you would like to see a sequel, or just a few more(sort of major game changer) features to be added.

What I plan to add for this version: 

  1. Update the sun sprite, and add a proper animation to it.
  2. Clean up the art in general, and add allot more variety to the clouds and fires.
  3. Remove the jump since we don't really use it at all.
  4. Polish up the existing features.

What I plan to do for a sequel:

  1. Obviously I would build off the existing game, just switching it to 3D graphics, but it would stay in a side-scrolling perspective
  2. Add a second ending where the whole world is on fire, instead of just the bright and shiny day outcome
  3. Add 'calls for help' coming from apartments where you would enter a separate mini game to extinguish the flames and rescue the resident
  4. Add 'no on left behind' where if you go up a story and leave civilians behind, you lose score for each civilian
  5. Add 'fog' and 'FOV' features. This would make the current floor be the only visible floor to the player, but also add a thick fog to floors with lots of fires.
  6. Make the civilians able to run to safety if there is no fire in the way.
  7. Add Fire escapes, which would lead up to the next floor via a ladder mechanic.

So in closing, let me know if you would like to see these features added to this game, or to a sequel, do you want a sequel at all? Are you excited the game is finally getting fixed and don't really care what I do with it from here? Let me know!


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