lightning storm is attacking a skyscraper apartment complex and all the fire fighters are busy! All..Except for one; Firefighter Joe, otherwise known as YOU! Save all the civilians, and try not to get killed on the way to the top. Who knows how tall the tower is, legends has it that the tower grows as you go...

  • --------------------------SUPPORT--------------------
  • Most windows versions (recommended)
  • Browsers that support unity (basically anything but chrome)
  • Controller
  • Mouse and keyboard (recommended)
  • Laptop keyboard layout

  • --------------------------CONTROLS--------------------
  • WASD/ARROW KEYS/Left joy stick = Movement
  • X/Right click/B button = Throw civilian
  • C/Left click/A button = Swing ax

  • --------------------------SCORE--------------------
  • Pickup a civilian and toss them to safety: 15
  • Throw a civilian through a window to safety: 10
  • Indirectly save a civilian: 5
  • Put out a fire: 5
  • Throw a civilian into a fire: -10
  • --------------------------TEAM--------------------
  • Programmer/Pixel artist: Forrest Lowe
  • Sound and music: Nils Kwiatowski
  • Special thanks: Cj Karinen


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really cool game! I enjoyed every minute! 

 the music and sound was great!

Thanks so much! 


Original, simple and with good music and graphics. Gameplay is well polished with space to add more. It has potential as a protoype.

A good competitor for winning a gamejam.