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The Better Sprite Editor

A better sprite editor made by Forrest Lowe. · By LowBros


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Added a proper color selection area!
Added a new color wheel area. Optimized a load of code, and added a bunch of little quality of life improvements here and there. Mostly code optimizations, but...
Just added a new feature!
You can now view your sprite tiled, this will allow you to more quickly check and see if your sprite will tile properly. Thanks for this requested feature! Keep...
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Loads of quality of life improvements!
Fixed a bunch of bugs. One of the major ones being the fill tool going in between diagonal pixels has been fixed. Aswell as the grid breaking on whenever The...
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Quality of life? Just think "better sprites"
I've moved the new frame button to under the canvas, as well as added a new debug area. This debug area will allow you to know exactly what pixel you are highli...
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Stabilized build, and added a few quality of life improvements!
The tileset editor was finicky and not working, it would let you make your whole tileset, and then stop you at exporting it.. Ouch.. So I fixed that, as soon as...
Tileset creation editor added!
Added the tileset creation editor! You can now make a sprite sheet, or a tileset, right from the editor! This addition really makes this editor a competitor t...
1 file
Selection tool added!
Finally the selection tool is available! There still isn't copy and paste, but I'm working on it. After this I want to get the tileset tool completed, but until...
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Added loads of new features!
The preview window is undockable, and closes with the main window by default now. It can be reopened by going to: View|PreviewWindow The mirror tool is availabl...
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