You play a cherry on a cake named Sherry Balm, you're mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dig through the cake and find bombs before the people eat the cake! Don't get blown up!

  • Controls:
    • PC
      •  Left+Right or A+D for horizontal movement. 
      • Up or W to jump.
      • Down or S to dig walls (while falling digs ground)
      •  Left stick left and right for movement
      • Left stick up and down to dig walls (while falling digs ground) and jump
      •  Left side of screen for movement
      • Right side for to dig walls (while falling digs ground) and jump
  • Credits
    • Programming - Forrest Lowe & Léo Antoine
    • Art - Forrest Lowe

This project is a submission to the Weekly game jam #99

Should you choose to support the development of this game we will work on creating; more variation in obstacles, a better soundtrack, some more back ground elements, game play optimizations, a main menu, a totals scores screen,  multiplayer, an official google play page, and much more! So what are you waiting for? Donate and let's get this game going!


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